Pastor Mary Stork

Day School Pastor

Pastor Mary has been in ministry for over 20 years; she has worked as a Daycare Director as well as the school Chaplain.  Mary has a heart for people, wanting to see them grow in their character, values and identity, even at a young age.She believes that when you train a child up in the Word of God, they will develop all the tools they need to succeed in life.

Alexandria Forbus

Day School Director

Alexandria has had a love for children ever since she was a little girl.  At the age of 14 she started working in her parent’s daycare and out of that she developed her passion to one day be a school director.  Immediately out of high school, she began pursuing her early childhood credentials.  She has been well loved and trusted by all the families she has worked with and is excited to walk this journey with you and your children every day and to see them grow.

Bella Barel

Assistant Day School Director

Bella has been involved with child care and children’s ministry for over 13 years. Bella’s passion for creating a healthy environment for children is shown through her amazing work ethic both in the classroom and in the office. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Studies with a minor in Business Management, Bella has made it her goal to make Bloom a place of excellence and growth for all who participate in the school. 

Shena Hunt

Lead Teacher

Shena has been working with children all over the Collier Country area for twenty years. Throughout her career, Shena has gained experience with infants and children up to the ages of preschool. However, her favorite age group to work with is preschool. “With this age group, there are no limits to teaching them. They are like little sponges that absorb everything and they are extremely interactive” she shares. Shena is so passionate about working with children because she does not see it as a job, but a ministry opportunity. Her favorite part about coming into work is getting to spend time with the kids everyday. “They are so fun and always make me laugh” Shena shares.

Cynthia Vera

Lead Teacher

Cynthia has been working with children for nine years. She has experience with infants through fifth graders. Cynthia is more than excited to share the love of God with the children each and every day.  Her goal is to plant seeds of knowledge into the children and guide them to be amazing future leaders of our world. Her favorite part of coming into work ever day is being able to teach the children and watch them apply everything that they are being taught.

Sarah Tarcezewski

Lead Teacher

Sarah has been involved in children’s ministry programs for over a year and a half. However she has been in the mom business for 14 years. She absolutely loves being used to shape and form children at such a young age. Sarah enjoys being able to share the love of God with the children as well as teach them about His love for them. Sarah finds excitement in having the opportunity train the children how to think responsibly. Her mission is to establish one-on-one relationships with the children to grow them into future leaders. She believes that her job goes beyond a lesson plan and she wants to be an extended support ton the children that they might not get elsewhere. “My favorite part about coming into work everyday is definitely the hugs” Sarah shares.

Erin Espenlaub

Lead Teacher

Erin has lived in Naples and has worked with children for over twenty years. Erin loves working with children aging from one to three years of age. She cherishes the bonds she builds with every child’s parent. She finds it rewarding to be one of the first teachers that the children will experience during their time of education. “I want to help them gain the skills needed to have a successful experience in elementary school, when that time comes”, she says.

Nicole Williamson

Lead Teacher

Nicole is a Naples, Florida native and has worked with children for four years. Nicole strives to create a safe and nurturing learning environment as well as assure parents that their children are in the same care that they would give them. “I carry my mother heart with me into work each day. I love and treat the children just as I would want my child to be treated”, she says.